Brazilian Virtual Cycling Championships 2022

February 3, 2022

Brasilia, Brazil / The 2022 season promises to be very busy for BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING. The success of the 1st edition of the Virtual Brazilian Cycling Championships revealed the Brazilian champions of the new format: Franklin Almeida and Maria Belén Luz in the professional category. The 2022 season will feature 11 stages representing different cities and will start on February 5 with the GPBRASIL VIRTUAL CYCLING – TOUR DE GOI NIA on the fast international circuit of Goiânia.

Brasilia, Brazil / February 3, 2022/ENDURANCE SPORTS CABLE/ The Brazilian Virtual Cycling Championships are supported by the Brazilian Confederation of Electronic Sports – CBDEL and the Brazilian Confederation of University Sports – CBDU. It is also recognized by the World Consortium of Electronic Sports – WESCO (World Esport Consortium). Once again, ROUVY is the official platform of BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING, which demonstrates the serious and continuous growth of the popularity of virtual cycling in Brazil.

The competition schedule

February 5: visit to Goiania

March 19: Tour of Salvador

April 6: visit to Brasilia

May 14: Visit to Florianópolis

June (to be determined): visit to Rio de Janeiro

July 9: Visit of São Paulo

August 20: Visit to Maceió

September 17: visit to the Serra do Rio do Rastro

October 8: Visit of Recife

November 12: visit to Aracaju

December 10: Visit of Belo Horizonte

Petr Samek, CEO of ROUVY, says: “It is so great and exciting to see Brazil and other countries following the example of the Czech Republic where ROUVY hosted the first national championships. The ROUVY team expects the virtual format to become a new cycling discipline worldwide”.

In addition to the standard individual ranking, the big new feature for the 2022 season is the team scoring format in which individual athlete scores will count towards the total sum to define the podium team for the season. The teams already confirmed are:

– Alcici Sports

– Cycling SRT Pro

– RS Bike Racing Team

– Movin indoor workout

– Woll Sports

– UAI Hikers

Schubert Abreu, BVC Technical Director: “This year, we expect more professionals and teams to join the virtual peloton. Thanks to ROUVY’s incredible augmented technology, cycling and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world can cycle through the incredible centers and main postcards of Brazilian cities and compete side by side with national professionals. We’re thrilled to showcase so many new cities on this year’s tour.”

The series of competitions will be organized in the mixed format open for the whole world, but Brazilian athletes who wish to score for the VIRTUAL BRAZILIAN CYCLING CHAMPIONSHIPS must register at

Official BVC Partners: Technogym, Upmedal, Movin Indoor Training, 3T Sports and BSBTriBike.

Registration for the 1st race, in the 8-lap criterium format, is open.


BRAZILIAN VIRTUAL CYCLING was born from a start-up formed by specialists in the technical, marketing, logistics and live streaming fields. It is a unique and innovative project on the Brazilian sports scene that combines competition, entertainment and tourism through virtualized cycling!

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ROUVY is a digital platform that allows you to live the experience of real cycling competitions at home. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting and breathtaking virtual routes to join the pro team online or explore the world with friends. Combining augmented reality technology with real videos, ROUVY makes home training realistic and fun. Cycling enthusiasts and demanding athletes can cycle the world from home to get in shape or prepare for the next race!


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