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MOUNTAIN BIKE by Jack Malcolm

Posted on November 30, 2021 at 1:06 p.m.

The GISBORNE Mountain Bike Club’s first event of a three-race summer series was a success.

Almost twice as many runners took to the Fox Street Trails for the opening of the Emerre & Hathaway Summer Series than those who participated in the same event two years ago.

About 60 mountain bikers registered for the event, running on the club’s new automatic timing systems, which enabled multiple races.

Two tracks classified as green were used, with riders having four hours to complete up to three laps of each course, with the best time of each counting towards their final tally.

Club president Brent Houthuijzen said they wanted to make running accessible and chose the easiest trails for everyone to ride.

“Fast guys can always go fast. “

The last time they held the event, they had been more focused on racing, with more difficult tracks, and a lot of people came out trying to cut their times.

He said that people who really want to test their abilities can come to Rotorua for world class races, but this event was about everyone having a good time.

“It’s about having fun and participating in a local competition,” Houthuijzen said.

“It’s also great to see parents come out and support their kids. “

The event was the first opportunity for members of the Gisborne Mountain Bike Club to try the first leg of their new shared trail.

Houthuijzen said it has been widened and graveled to give better access to the network of walking and cycling trails around the park.

The original trail had started to deteriorate, but the new trail was safer and allowed year-round access to the park, he said. It was able to open faster after rainy events.

“It’s a community park, not just a mountain bike park.”

Houthuijzen wanted to thank all of the sponsors who came together to help make the first downhill event possible, with several local businesses stepping in to support the cause.

Results –

Open Women: Krystal Smith 1, Sheryl Dickinson 2, Nicki Davies 3.

Open Male: Jimmy Taylor 1, Jake Leroy 2, Dean Wallace 3.

Men under 19: Sam Cooper 1, Jack Willock 2, Kyle Seabrook 3.

U14 men: Lani Vera-Steffen 1, Cooper Allen 2, Koby Thomas 3.

Sam cooper

Hamish Swann

Kyle Seabrook

Krystal Smith

Jack Willock

Jacques Leroy

Rees morley

Sol Bevins

mason Wallace

Sam williams


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