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Fall officially begins on Wednesday, bringing with it changing leaves and cool hiking weather along the Front Range.

Betsy Mosehauer, president of the Loveland Mountain Club, will be among those to step out and enjoy the fall weather. His organization organizes backcountry hikes and trips in Colorado and maintains the Round Mountain National Recreation Trail in Big Thompson Canyon near Loveland.

The Reporter-Herald has reached out to learn more about how Mosehauer and his club are making the great outdoors accessible to Lovelanders of all ages.

1) How did you get involved with the Loveland Mountain Club?

As soon as I retired from Eastman Kodak in 2001, I joined the Loveland Mountain Club. I had heard about the club from my neighbors and thought it was the perfect fit. I have always been a person of the outdoors, hiking, skiing, biking. Shortly after my arrival, I became more involved by serving on their committees and their board of directors. I have held almost every position and three years ago I became president. I found this to be a great way to get to know the members.

2) What’s your favorite day hike near Loveland?

My favorite day hike near Loveland would be Devil’s Backbone. It gives me the opportunity to hike as far as I want, going to the Blue Sky Trail, Coyote Ridge, Horsetooth Mountain and even Lory State Park. I’ve done them all every season and always see something new.

3) What must be done to maintain the Round Mountain National Recreation Trail near Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park?

Each spring and fall, club members volunteer to maintain the 5 mile Round Mountain Trail for the Town of Loveland and the US Forest Service. We sometimes clean up and create water bars, cut overhanging brush along the trail, cut and remove trees that have fallen across the trail, and move rocks and trees to keep erosion from cutting. Our club coordinator, Jane Davis, collects tools from the Forest Service for volunteers.

4) How has the membership of the club changed since you joined?

LMC was started in 1978 by Jim Disney, and when I joined him we had 75 members. Before COVID, we had 175 members, and now we have 145 members with new people joining every month. Membership includes all ages, ranging from 18 to 85 years old. I really believe hiking keeps us young!

5) Why do people join the Loveland Mountain Club?

Many join together to hike in groups and experience the various trails that Colorado has to offer. We always learn from each other, whether it’s the type of equipment to transport; how to identify flowers, birds and traces; or even information unrelated to the hike. There are usually three or four hikes scheduled each week with one outing for everyone’s skill level. We also hold meetings on the first Monday of each month with a guest speaker and several special events throughout the year. We have a wonderful website that people can go to and get more information. With the pandemic, the club has not been as active as it used to be, but we are hopeful that in the very near future we will all enjoy each other’s camaraderie on the track and in our meetings.

Betsy mosehauer

Title: President of the Loveland Mountain Club.

Years in the land of love: 25.

Family: Husband Mike, three children, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

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