Benedict Cumberbatch Welcomed ‘Shang Chi’ Star Simu Liu To The MCU As A ‘Supportive But Sexy Father’



Marvel has no shortage of highly anticipated films in theaters, but Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings were among the most exciting versions. Now that the film has opened up for box office success, fans are starting to dig a little deeper into its production and what that means for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe lore. A fun detail of the film’s release is a touching interaction between Marvel Cinematic Universe star Benedict Cumberbatch and newcomer Simu Liu.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe cast has grown increasingly diverse

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe develops in a way no one would have imagined when the franchise began in the 2008s Iron Man, the opportunity for many stars to be brought into the constellation has grown steadily. At this point, it seems like almost every actor who wants the chance has had at least one appearance in a Marvel movie, but that’s not the same as playing a lead role.

Responding to earlier concerns that Marvel Cinematic Universe stories lacked diversity, Marvel has kept its promise to create stories that “mirror the world,” and Shang-Chi has been a step in that direction. It also provided a new face to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Simu Liu, who was previously impressed with a role in Kim’s convenience, took the main role of Kung Fu master.

Benedict Cumberbatch welcomed Simu Liu to the Marvel family

Being inducted into the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe star network has been a pleasure for Liu. When asked what surprised him most, he fondly recounted meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at Comic-Con.

Cumberbatch portrays the Marvel character Doctor Strange. Although director Destin Daniel Cretton had hoped to have the character appear in Shang-Chi, he was dissuaded from doing so after a conversation with Marvel Cinematic Universe producer Kevin Feige.

Yet Liu’s new key status within the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings him to rub shoulders with other stars of the franchise, and Insider reports that he was thrilled to meet Cumberbatch: “We’ve all been driven on stage to take this group photo, and I feel that hand on my shoulder. It’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Strange has his arm around me. Liu went on to say that Cumberbatch had welcomed him to the “Like a Supportive But Also Sexy Father” group.

Simu Liu and Benedict Cumberbatch are working on new projects

Liu and Cumberbatch will be keeping busy when they aren’t making fan appearances as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Liu is currently shooting a lead role in the upcoming Arthur the king. Despite his title, he is an endurance racing dog and not the Knights of the Round Table. He should also have a leading role in A true love, a romance where he will play alongside Hamilton‘s Phillipa Soo.

Cumberbatch is busy on his own projects. He will appear as Doctor Strange in both Spider-Man: No Path Home and the eagerly awaited Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. For a change of pace, Cumberbatch will follow these projects with a lead role in the TV miniseries. The 39 steps, a thriller that explores a vast network of political corruption.

Announced projects that are still in the very early stages of development include drama Thug man about a potential assassin in hiding after an unsuccessful attempt to eliminate a dictator and voicing the protagonist of Magic, an animated film about a writer who discovers the magic when his children go missing.

It’s safe to say that the two actors will stay busy both inside and outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we can hope the pair may share a set at some point in the future. .

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