Baestaens secures his third C1 victory over American swing at Jingle Cross


Vincent Baestaens (CX Team Deschacht-Group Hens-Maes Containers) won the elite UCI C1 men’s race in the spotlight on the opening day of Jingle Cross in Iowa City, Iowa, sweeping all three C1 races in which he competed in the United States this season.

Thijs Aerts (Baloise Trek Lions) edged Eric Brunner (Blue Competition Cycles p / b Build) on the line to take second place, and the American finished third. The fourth was Anton Ferdinande (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal).

Baestaens was in chase mode for most of the 12 laps of the Musco Friday Night Frights – River Products Company Chris Lillig C1 race and said he “was just lucky today” so he could continue his American streak.

” I’m lucky [bib] number seven today because the other two guys were stronger than me, but sometimes you have to be lucky, “said Baestaens.” I changed bikes with three laps to go, in my head it was already done, then the other guy [Brunner] came up to me and said ‘push’ so I kept pushing and saw that they doubted each other and said I could close the gap. On the last lap they fell in front of me and I passed them. “

Brunner set the tone before a speed slip on the second pass of the course’s iconic climb, Mount Krumpit. He then joined Baestaens and Thijs Aerts to drive out the solo leader Ferdinande.

The American suffered a second mechanic in the sixth round that knocked him out of the leading group. Then Ferdinande slipped into a corner which allowed Aerts to catch up, Brunner returning to Baestaens in a fight for what looked like a bronze medal spot.

Baestaens decided to join the leading duo on the last lap, where Aerts crashed on the climb up Mount Krumpit and beat Ferdaninde and the Belgian took the lead for the win.

Friday’s victory was also his fifth overall of the year, having swept the C2 races at Rochester Cyclocross and Charm City Cross, which keeps him in a solid first place position in the USCX Series, 30 points ahead of Kerry Werner (Kona Maxxis Shimano) with three races to go. He will not participate in the C2 competition on Saturday to focus on the third round of the World Cup series on Sunday.

Pos. Rider’s name (country) Team Results
1 Vincent Baestaens (Bel) 1:00:45
2 Thijs Aerts (Belgium) 0:00:22
3 Eric Brunner (United States)
4 Anton Ferdinande (Bel) 0:00:23
5 Michael Van den Ham (Can) 0:00:52
6 Kid Van der Meer (Ned) 0:01:20
7 Brannan Fix (United States) 0:01:30
8 Andrew Dillman (United States) 0:02:01
9 Lance Haidet (United States) 0:02:16
ten Kerry Werner (United States) 0:02:48
11 Scott Mcgill (United States) 0:02:57
12 Matt Leliveld (Can) 0:03:00
13 Jacob Leblanc (United States) 0:03:12
14 Brian Matter (United States) 0:03:13
15 Matteo Oppizzi (Switzerland) 0:03:23
16 Lief Rodgers (Can) 0:03:32
17 Michael Larson (United States) 0:03:35
18 Tommy Servetas (United States) 0:03:39
19 Ross Ellwood (United States) 0:03:41
20 Mark Myles (United States)
21 Andrew Giniat (United States)
22 Rory Jack (United States)
23 Casey Hildebrandt (United States)
24 Nick Carter (United States)
25 Dylan Zakrajsek (United States)
26 Terol Pursell (United States)
27 Joseph Schmalz (United States)
28 Ian Mcdonald (United States)
29 Mathieu Bélanger Barrette (Can)
30 Hugo Brisebois (Can)
31 Frederick Junge (United States)
32 Vin Hludzinski (United States)
33 Nicolas Lando (United States)
34 Nicolas Tabares (United States)
35 Jack Tanner (United States)
36 Dillon Mcneill (United States)
37 Seamus O’Connor-Walker (United States)
38 Finnegan O’Connor (United States)
39 Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin (United States)
40 Josh Bauer (United States)
41 Dakota Olsen (United States)
42 Owen Brenneman (United States)
43 Luke Arens (United States)
44 Michael Sanders (United States)
45 Kevin McConnell (United States)
46 Nicholas Lemke (United States)
47 Matthew Riley (United States)
48 Thomas Savage (United States)
49 Donald Morgan (United States)
DNF Kyle Johnson (United States)
DNF Kaler Marshall (United States)
DNF Lucas Stierwalt (United States)
DNF Bjorn Selander (United States)
DNF Jules Van Kempen (United States)
DNF Luke Feuerhelm (United States)
DNF Jonathan Anderson (United States)

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