Adventure events company posts biggest year of sales yet


A York-based company provide global adventure challenges planned turnover of £4m and profit of £300,000 for 2021/22.

This is Rat Race’s most successful sales year to date. Born of founder Jim of me passionate about travel, the firm has welcomed more than 500 UK and international events in 20 countries since its debut in 2004, with its number of international events defined for double at 40 by the end of 2023.

Rat Race changed from an event to a single event in Edinburgh departing for Operating 50 trips and adventures around the world in 2022.

Explaining how his business concept came about, Mee said the company started with practice adventure sports such as running, mountain biking, kayaking and rappel down wild places and put them on the city streets.

He added: “Flooking forward today and we have now expanded and rotated our offering post COVID to multi-day international and bucket list challenges – allowing us to make people’s sense of adventure and wanderlust a reality after those dark times during lockdown, where no one could go anywhere or do anything.

“In general, we try as much as possible to offer events with a sense of travel. It could be ‘A to B’ like a side by side trip, or have a tangible goal, like the wreck race in Namibia.

“We are always striving to innovate in the market and never following the crowd. This is no longer the case with the new Bucket List, Test Pilot and other international formats that we operate. They’re both an expedition and an event, but totally unique and completely Rat Race in the way we’ve formatted them.

Among the adventures rat race offer this year is a chance of journey through the Namib Desert in Namibia reach a famous shipwreck, a Transandine from coast to coast bike adventure from the Pacific to the Atlantic, a 100mile journey through a frozen lake in Outside Mongolia, a crossing of Dominica entire nature island, and a Panamacchallenge from coast to coast.

From the company band trips are sheaded by the expedition leader Abbi Naylor, a trained Explorer with more than 10 yearss of experience under his belt.

When the pandemic ended his independent life as a full-time expedition leader, she joined Rat Race. naylor said:Not only can I imagine extreme adventures just for me, but me too get to guidee attendees with me.


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