A bicycle race will take place on the grounds of the government house


Fat Tire Massive, organizers of the One Communications Mountain Bike series, have announced that the 2022/23 season will kick off with a first-ever race at Government House grounds on November 20.

A spokesman said: ‘Her Excellency Mrs Rena Lalgie has agreed to open Government House grounds on Sunday 20 November to host the first race of the seven race series of the season.’

The Governor said: “My family and I love cycling, so when the Bermuda Bicycle Association asked if they could stage the first race of the 2022/23 series at Government House grounds, the answer was an absolute yes.

The Governor continued: “Cycling – whether road, mountain bike or casual – has benefits for both physical and mental health: in addition to exercise, it is also a good way to relax and clear your mind. And, from an environmental perspective, cycling also helps reduce our carbon footprint and contributes to cleaner, healthier air. All things I want to encourage.

“Government House has been welcoming and willing to work with the Fat Tire Massive team to create a unique and fun ride,” said Peter Dunne, president of the Bermuda Bicycle Association. “We invite runners and spectators to take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience a morning of great racing through the North Grounds of Government House.”

A spokesperson said: “Situated on the 33-acre estate, the Government House property is the largest open green space in the parish of Pembroke. While this isn’t the first sporting event to be hosted on the grounds, it’s believed to be the first time a mountain bike race will be held on the property.

The spokesperson said: ‘Doors will open to the public at 8.00am on Sunday, November 20, 2022. Traffic will be permitted to enter Government House from Langton Hill, with a one-way flow exiting onto North Shore Road. Participants and spectators are asked to follow race signage and park only in designated and marked off areas.

“Fat Tire Massive volunteers build and maintain sustainable trails across the island during the winter mountain bike racing season; they are the backbone of grassroots mountain biking in Bermuda. The race is expected to take place on the north side of the Langton Hill property overlooking North Shore.

“We’ll use the lay of the land to unearth natural trails suitable for mountain bikes,” says Chris Smith of Fat Tire Massive. “We will work with Government House staff to create fun trails without damaging the land or native plants.”

These races are open to runners of all ages and skill levels. We run four adult categories and three youth categories, from beginners to elite runners, something for everyone.

The spokesperson said: “The Once Communication Fat Tire Massive Mountain Bike Series offers riders of all experience levels a competitive, fun, family-friendly environment to test their skills on Bermuda’s most epic trails. Register for the whole series or an individual race. Results are based on the rider’s ability to complete as many laps as possible in the time allowed.

“To register [online only] and for more information visit www.fattiremassive.com or email [email protected]

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